Welcome to Draincare Sevices Ltd

Draincare specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of sewers, wet wells, tanks, culverts and internal drainage systems.

These services are provided to private domestic customers, commercial and industrial clients, as well as local authorities, housing associations, utility companies and others.

We also develop and manufacture the equipment used in these activities.

Working in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium we have considerable experience in all aspects of drainage maintenance.

Draincare Clients

Our customers and clients consider us as specialists who are proficient and reliable. Due to our large company size and diverse skills we are able to ensure jobs are undertaken by suitably qualified staff and where appropriate specialist equipment. All our personnel are highly skilled, trained and motivated.

About Draincare

Draincare have been a presence on the British market since 1984. Draincare Services Ltd. is the name of the organisation’s highly competent operating UK division that supplies a comparable package of products and services.

Draincare operates in the fields of drain cleaning, systematic cleaning of wet infrastructures and is a facilities service provider to the commercial and catering sectors. All work is carried out using the latest materials and equipment, developed by experts under our personal supervision. One of Draincare’s great strengths lies in the 24-hour service it offers its clients.